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A new synthetic leather shift boot with red stitching. I got one on amazon for about $20 it looks great very easy to install

EDIT: I can post the link if you want it as well as the picture of it are in my album

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A little late on this reply to you, but clear corners are the removal of the amber reflectors in the headlight, gives it a more euro look to the headlights

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There is a DIY somewhere on here. Bake your headlights, open them up, remove the amber reflective lens, piece back together, reseal, use amber bulb.

Yeah you bake them in the oven haha , i forget the temperature but it's something like 6 min at 120 ** DO NOT QUOTE ME ON THIS *** there is a DIY somewhere on here .
I didn't use a Amber bulb . Sorta hard to see when I signal during the day

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This thread is dangerous :woowoo:
IT's 10pm and freezing outside and I just went to the front of the house to adjust my headlights and yank ou the connecting hose of the intake resonator

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They also make chrome bulbs that flash amber. Leaves you with truly clear corners other than when you're signaling

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I think I got most of them, maybe the OP can put this on the first post and add anything I missed. :dancing:


Remove Intake Resonator. $0. Pop off the hose off the air filter box if you are lazy, or just remove the whole thing. Gives the engine some more growl.
Installing Si mufflers on a non-Si: 3/10
K&N drop in filter $45 - nice cheap alternative to CAI
Filtermag: $25; slap it on your oil filter; worth it to catch metal bits floating in your oil that the filter doesn't catch
Corsport USA Throttle Body Gasket - $29.00
CorSport - Performance Auto Parts | Lowest Prices | Free Shipping
Hondata Heatshield Gasket - $50.00
3m Window Weld on Torque Mounts for better shifting and more tq to the wheels.-$30ish
Autozone filter on modified MAF-$20ish
TB Bypass: 2$ and 10mins
P2R Throttle body Spacer -$65
Add washers to your shifter base for less movement. $5


Add Si Front/Rear Sway bars to non-si's: About $50 for the rear, and $70 for the front. Makes a big difference in road feel. 3/10 install.
Si Front & Rear Sways on an EX Sedan
20mm 2014 Civic Si rear sway bars: I dont think it hasn't been mentioned yet, but they are only $40-$45.
Just get the necessary hardware (especially for R18 owners) and these MOOG sway bar bushing/bracket since the OEM ones are not as stiff:
MOOG MOOG-K90395 Universal Sway Bar Frame Bushings - 20mm Made by MOOG
It should run less than $80 for a good rear sway bar upgrade.


Leather Steering Wheel Cover < $60 ?/10.
LED Interior Lighting. $5-xxx depending on what lights you replace . Change out your Dome, map, trunk, license plate, even tail lights. Ease to install- 2/10. How To: LED Festoon map lights
Changing the Shift Boot. $30 install 2/10
Shift Knob (weighted) - $$$ varies (Approx $45) 0/10
Short Shifter - $70 - 5/10
Metal Shifter Base Bushings - $25 - 6/10
Adding an Air Freshener 1/10 ($3)
Installing a pack of kleanex 1/10 ($2)
Civic logo door sills: $40-$70 on Ebay depending on if you go with the lighted ones or not
Wrap Door Fabric – 30-40$
Making your own shift boot (++ if you use same fabric as the door panel DIY)
Cost ~7$ (Cost me $4 only for nylon thread because i had leftover fabric)
Ease 3/10


HFP Emblem Kit.....$50 on eBay (10HP)
Disable DRL's: pull fuse 37 under your dash. cost:0 ease: 1/10
License plate frames. $20 or so 1/10
Remove front license plate-where legal (coupe ) Free. 1/10.
Aftermarket Fog Light Kit (Cost varies by source) ?/10.
Headlight Replacement. $20-40 for replacement of the stock 9006 low-beams. Ease to install- 4/10 overall (the passenger side is a PITA! BULB/Lamp Replacement Guide =)
Debaging the Civic emblem. $0 and looks cleaner to me.
Clear Corners. $0 install 4/10
Paint brake calipers - $7.50 - 3/10
License Plate Flip Cost $0, difficulty 2-3/10, Skills Required: Cutting, Tools: knife/dremel 10mm socket wrench
Metal Valve Caps 1/10 ($7)
Door visors: around $40-50 for a decent set; even less for cheap ones on sale at local auto stores
Exhaust Tip for DX or DX-G $12US or $16Cdn, Guessing it would be 1/10 for difficulty
Walmart $12 Exhaust Tip looks GREAT on my DX
Putting in chrome coated turn signals in the rear! Maybe $20 and 2/10?
Tail Light Tint - $$$ - depends if you take lamin-x or spray it, its cheap anyway
Paint your rims yourself... ~$40 4/10
Car Wash always makes it look good 0.00-40.00 1/10-10/10<~~~depending on how anal you are
JDM engine cover: $44-47 shipped from Japan
Stickers the 8thcivic.com: stickers look cool $5 1/10
Mugen Style Resevior Covers $-depends on whether you have some wristbands, laying around the house, you get them out of a bubblegum machine, or you choose the buy expensive nike ones. 0/10 difficulty. and easy to match color of car.
Honda logo anti-theft valve caps: $23; neat little mod not many have
DIY JDM-like reflective tape emblems: $2; I gotta represent my peeps!! Looks like the real thing from a distance, doesn't look bad up close... and gives off a cool reflection at night!
Tow hooks: ~$35
Lug Nuts: ~$30


Horn Replacement. About $15 if you don't get crazy with it and it'll definately make you feel better about your safety. Ease to install- 4/10. DIY: Horn/Bumper Removal
Joining 8thcivic.com for some great information and ideas: FREE- 1/10
Swap out the blue windshield washer fluid for the heavy duty green bug remover stuff

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Debadging the "Civic" and "Si" badges to make people think you dont have an Si lol.
Also Buy the whole set of Jdm Emblems probably $80

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+1 for interior lighting. I installed in the led footwell kit from LedGlow, pretty much plug and play, it took me longer because I wanted a really clean install with all wires ziptied and hidden under the dash so I had to take some dash panels apart including the shifter. Only cost $22 usd for 2 9" tubes, control panel, and all the wiring. I did buy an add-a-fuse too. I also wired in a 12 smd led panel with the festoon adaptor into my dome light. It made the car pretty fun. And the kit is pretty solid, looks like good quality. (Please excuse my dirty floor mats, winter is definitely here).

Yay for cheap mods! :dance:
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