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I like the blue LEDs. I got them from Oznium - http://www.oznium.com/prewired-superflux
They also have a forum there with a lot of DIYs.

Each Superflux 4-Chip LED draws about 80 mA so you can connect a few (in parallel) without worrying about fuses and crap. I currently have 6 of them on the headlight circuit with no problems. 2 behind the lower part of the grill in the front bumper and 4 in the car.

Basically what I did first was locate a 12v source on the drivers side when I turned the headlights on using a 12v meter.
Tapped (splice) into that using 20g wire (red) to create my power-line for the LEDs. Then I found a common ground (a screw attached to the frame) and connected a 20g wire (black) to that.
Ran both the red and black wires all the way to the passenger side.
From there, I connected the LEDs by simply tapping (splicing) into the my power-line and ground wire.
Drilled holes into the panels where I wanted the LEDs - done.

I will try to do a more detailed DIY when I finish the install. Right now the LEDs are being held by electrical tape. I need to add snap on connectors to the LEDs so they can be easily disconnected when the panels are removed and use a silicone adhesive sealant to glue them in place.

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