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Traded in my Civic and have a few parts leftover, mostly OEM as I didn't get a chance to swap parts back before trade in.

Everythings off a 2008 Civic Si Coupe. I'm located on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Everything is packed and ready to ship.

OEM intake, header, & exhaust have roughly 62,000 miles (100,000km)

OEM Intake. $60USD + shipping
Includes all intake hoses, upper rad hose, battery tray, air filter, all mounting brackets, all hardware

OEM Header - $50USD + shipping
Inculdes header, heat shield, and cat. One stud on the cat is cut off, pretty easy to drill it out and put a new one in. No cracks in the manifold, and no O2 sensor

OEM Exhaust - $50USD + shipping
Both midpipe and muffler. Some light scratches on the midpipe, no holes anywhere.

OEM headlights - $60USD + shipping
No broken tabs, lenses could use a clean and maybe a restoration, but they're decent the way they are. No bulbs. Both passenger & drivers side

Ingalls rear camber kit - $60USD + shipping
No idea how many miles on it, but its just solid metal, no bushings. Includes both sides and all mounting hardware.

OEM shift knob - $35USD Shipped
GRFXP Delrin shift knob - $35USD Shipped
3.5" Shift Extenstion - $25 Shipped
Plate Frame - Free + Shipping
Intake manifold cover - Free + Shipping
Double Din trim (no mounting brackets) - Free + shipping

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