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would a 36-led fit in dome light and would a 24-led fit in the 2 map lights in front? cause i know the 24-led fits the 06 accord fine.

i think it just needs to be customized a little like breaking down the plastic barrier.

this is the item i'm aiming for:

24-led (for map light)
eBay Motors: L-1063 BA9S T10 BULBS SMD SMT 24 LED S HID WHITE DOME (item 110346872417 end time Feb-10-09 17:03:44 PST)

36-led (for dome light)
eBay Motors: L-1066 BA9S T10 BULBS 36 LED BLUE DOME 3022 3021 DE6428 (item 360129256746 end time Feb-11-09 01:33:40 PST)
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