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hi, im a little new to supercharge, and im planning put a kraftwerk kit in my FA5 and try to get 400hp in 93 oct that currently have the fallowing:

-DC 2.2 cams with valvetrain
-j35 trottle
-kiddracing header
-gopower v2 exhaust

My questions are the fallowing and facts?(please opinions, explanations, place to buys, links, etc)"
1-Where i can buy a custom 3.5 inch cai or how i can make one??
2-i read about upgrade de Kit piping, what is the stock diameter vs. the upgrade, which pipes needed to upgrade (photos welcome) and if the car need modifications to fit.
3-is necessary a fuel pump?
4-any other recommendation is welcome
5-the car is oversea, so is important any detail or thing needed for the installation that don't come with the kit.

thanks and waiting for your thoughs :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts