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Mods List

1. X Intake
2. Ingalls ETD
3. DC5 Black Dipstick

1. HFP Front lip
2. RAYS Arthur Exchange Style ME 18"x7.5"
3. Tint, 25% Front 30% rear
4. OEM Fog Lights
5. JDM Badges
6. De badged Civic emblem
7. 4300K H.I.D. headlight

1. Civic Type-R (FD2) Push button start and bezel
2. Auger suede w/black stitching shift boot
3. Red "H" steering wheel emblem
4. "Civic Si" center console emblem
5. Strut king dead pedal

1. Eibach Pro-kit springs​

Hey all,

Well I decided to start my build thread. I have enough mods now and I think she's looking pretty good. So, onto my little project.

Here she is! The first day I brought her home. Ain't she pretty?
First mod. Remove i-VTEC stickers!

Second mod. HFP front lip

Third set of mods: Interior mods. Auger suede shift boot, Grafixpressions Steering wheel and "CIVIC Si" emblem, and Strutking dead pedal.

Fourth Mod: RAYS Arthur Exchange 18"x7.5". Custom color order from RAYS

Fifth and final set mods (More to come).
Eibach Pro-kit springs, OEM foglights, 35% tint, Injen CAI, and a 4300k HID kit.
Here she is!

New! Civic Type-R Push button start and Bezel

New Photoshop Pic!

Let me know what you think! Thanks for looking!

14,511 Posts
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Car is looking good...it looks familiar...think we met at the Audi Dealer
You're one of the finance managers. I remember you. That salesman Ali told me he could give me a good deal and totally backed out and never called me back. Anyways, nice to see ya on here. Thanks for the compliment.
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