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Konig Feather wheels - under $600.00 shipped!

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The Konig Feather is the ultimate compromise in an aftermarket wheel - it is attractive, lightweight, affordable and durable. Best of all, it isn't a no-name wheel as you're backed by Konig and they have been in this game for a LONG time.

The Feather weighs a paltry 17.1 lbs for a 17x7.5 +45 which means you'll save 4 lbs per wheel over the stock SI wheels.

to order simply call us at 631-863-3820

For all Feather orders we get between 9/17 and 9/21, you'll get a FREE set of hubrings and FREE spline drive lugs!!!

Black and Gold Feather are in stock and ready to go! Priced @$549 SHIPPED in the 48 states!
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we have one set of black, and a few sets of gold
I wish I could find carbon black...nice shine to it.
what sizes in gold do you have? looking for at least 8" wide with 35mm offset or less.
Please PM.
details on sizes are listed on the first page of this thread
Any black left?
nope, just gold - black is coming, we'll post when they are here
gold and black ready to go!!!

$549.00 shipped for wheels only
$599.00 shipped with spline drive lugs and hub rings

Paypal to [email protected] or simply call us at 631-863-3820
no sorry, they are packed up - search on here though, several members who got them from us have posted pictures
gold ready to go, black is now sold out - up top!
still have any in black?
we have gold, black are gone
61 - 80 of 112 Posts
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