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Keyless Entry not working sometimes

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Hello Everyone,

I have a 08 EX-L AT, and whenever I press the lock, unlock or trunk button, the little red LED on the fob blinks. But it doesn’t unlock the or lock the car everytime. Sometime, it takes two-three clicks. Sometimes, a dozen are not enough and I have to put the key into door to unlock/lock.
I believe that the battery in the fob is good, as the red LED blinks every time.

sometimes, it works so well that when I am pressing the lock button repeatedly, it works twice in a miracle, and the car horn honks to affirm that it is locked xD, but luck isn’t on my side everytime.
The door lock unlock button on the driver door work perfectly.
I have one key fob and one valet key.

kindly advise a possible fix to this solution, and a happy Christmas to everyone who reads this.
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Wonder if your FOB is just wore out. Buttons wore out?
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