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Well I just got off the phone with Brian from motovicity distribution center for Kelford cams and they said to go to any of your k series performance shop and you should be able to order from them, great guy, so you don't necessarily have to purchase them from evasive Motorsports.

email received-

You may have not heard of the Kelford's because we just released the Kseries
cams a couple months ago. If you read any forums related to Mitsubishi, EVO
and DSM, or Subaru we are the highest recommended cam. Kelford has a very
large application list for their cams. Like I said before, all they make is
race cams.

If you want to get more hands on info call Club RSX, http://www.clubrsx.com/

They have done testing on every model of the Kelford Kseries cams and had a
lot of input on the design of those cams.

Brian (Mac)

received email from CC-

Nice to see there is interest developing on the Kelford k-series cams. I
just got done testing their new Type C camshaft on our 2.5L Club RSX short
block and they made an impressive 40 horsepower gain. I haven't tested a
set of the stage 1's on the z3 motor but I would expect you would see around
a 15 to 20 horsepower gain with them on a stock motor. Then the more mods
that you do the more power they will help you make. The really nice part
about these cams is they have a really nice ramp rate built into the
camshaft so they are very quite compared to everything else on the market.
This ramp rate also helps with cylinder head and the valves by not slamming
the valve closed. I don't think that you would be disappointed with these
cams. Just let us know when you want to pick up a set:
http://www.clubrsx.com/cr/KEL-179-A.html. I also highly recommend their
valve springs, the bee hive design is really nice and you can easily run
them all the way up to the Type C camshaft so you only have to spend the
money once: http://www.clubrsx.com/cr/KEL-KVS79-K.html. Please let me know
if you have any other questions!


Chris Dye
Club RSX, Inc.
P: (719) 282-9887
F: (719) 282-9443

Like i said, these guys are great, very informative, so if you can't find them at evaisive but give motovicity a call and they can direct you to the correct performance shop for all your kelford needs! 15-20HP hmm sounds pretty damn close to the dyno in the import tuner mag.

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Please note I'm doing my best to go off memory, the results were from April.
1) Baseline was IHE, with Hondata Flash Pro... 210hp
2) Installing RRC then baseline... 185hp
3) Erick had to tune for the lost HP and easily found it, a 40hp turn around, so you cannot just simply bolt on the manifold and expect any type of gains... 225hp
4) Last step was to tune the cams. What we found was the cams like to be revved. For every 100 RPM increments the engine and cams were liking it.
8500 RPM 239
8600 RPM 242
8700 RPM 243.7
Unfortunately we were limited to rev due to the motor pretty much being stock.

Like mentioned in my previous post it made more sense to do the tuning with the manifold first. It would have been an unfair advantage to test the cams first and then the manifold. The manifold may have yielded more than average gains to a motor that has stock cams.

I will keep everyone posted when I do go back for more tuning with a few new simple bolt-ons including a slightly larger exhaust. Hopefully we can find some more torque some where in the motor.


Dropping 25 hp from the RRC doesnt sound possible

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im not saying it didnt show that. just makes me think something wasnt right. i saw where one guy gained around 6 or 7 with stock ecu. but this one loses 25 with a tune for I/H/E if im not mistaken
I can assure you that the car lost power on the RRC manifold without tuning. The car is my daily driver so I know there was a power loss but didn't think it was that significant until we actually put the car back onto the dyno. The car has only been dyno'd at Erick's Racing and no where else so there would not be any discrepancies for the article in regards to the parts, HP, TQ, or tuning. I was there from beginning to end on the parts being installed at Autowave on the cams, I installed the intake manifold, and Erick doing the dyno tuning and there were no hiccups in the process... so everything went smooth so I can assure you that everything was right as the final numbers will indicate.
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