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kelford stg1 vs. 06-08 Tsx cams

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I was wondering if someone could help chime in and compare the Kelford stg1 cams vs. 06-08 TSX camshafts.
I am leaning towards the kelford stg1. upgrading my valve train is NOT an option.

Thanx 8th Gen
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The Kelford 179-A have primary and secondary lobes that are slightly larger than the TSX cams and are designed for basic bolt-ons and stock compression ratio. However the cams will require tuning and the only "drop-in" part is that the stock valvetrain and timing chain components will work with them. After reading the Import Tuner article, the cams actually lost power past baseline once they were installed. After tuning, they made more power than the RRC manifold tune.

Also, I don't know if ruloSI and I are thinking of the same person, but the person who did the stage 2 cams and had the thread locked here on 8th Civic (still is open at K20a.org [here's the thread]) didn't have the proper setup for what his cams were designed for (the 179-B). Those cams are for extensively build motors. That includes higher compression ratios (probably at least 12.0:1 on stock displacement), increased displacement, head work, free flowing intakes and exhaust among other things.

Can't rule out a set of cams if they weren't put in the right setup. Plus, Import Tuner is the only place I've seen that actually has a damn dyno chart on any Kelford cams, so I say eff all this hearsay.
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^ Truth.

I'm surprised Kelford hasn't been offering their stuff to more community members to try. Prior to their cams release, I expressed interest in testing their stage 1 cams as a shop here in SD was offered to give a couple sets to their customers to demonstrate them. The shop however was an Evo only shop so they had no use for them and I was informed about this after Kelford's trial period. They said they felt confident enough that people will buy them but they've been out for a while and there seems to be few users out there.

Honestly, I've done so much research on cams and talked a bunch of shops and manufactures and I feel like these are probably one of the top 3 for the price and even though I'm done modding my car, I just might switch to these despite having some already.
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