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kelford stg1 vs. 06-08 Tsx cams

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I was wondering if someone could help chime in and compare the Kelford stg1 cams vs. 06-08 TSX camshafts.
I am leaning towards the kelford stg1. upgrading my valve train is NOT an option.

Thanx 8th Gen
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I would like helping comparing the two cams specs, im not looking for any actual trials conducted.

2008 TSX K24a2
Intake Lobes
PRI: 33.42mm
SEC: 33.42mm
VTEC: 35.52mm

Exhaust Lobes
PRI: 33.09mm
SEC: 33.09mm
VTEC: 35.09mm

Kelford Stage 1 cams
Int, 272/274 @ 0.1mm, 202/210 @ 1.00mm 7.55/8.30mm Valve lift

Exh, 272/276 @ 0.1mm, 202/212 @ 1.00mm, 7.55/7.55mm Valve lift
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I suppose since no information is being added to this post I just take a chance and try the Kelford stg1 cams down the road.
Can you shut this thread please?
Cool thanx for the info. I want to go with go power but 895 for drop ins seems a little much. I will definetly consider this option though. As far as I know, no one has anything negative to say about Go Power. Maybe I should just say F it and wait til I have the dough for the GP drop in cams. I guess you gotta pay to play in this field.
I'll have to keep searching the other forums until I can find a pair of used 06-08 TSX cams then.
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