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kelford stg1 vs. 06-08 Tsx cams

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I was wondering if someone could help chime in and compare the Kelford stg1 cams vs. 06-08 TSX camshafts.
I am leaning towards the kelford stg1. upgrading my valve train is NOT an option.

Thanx 8th Gen
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I would like helping comparing the two cams specs, im not looking for any actual trials conducted.

2008 TSX K24a2
Intake Lobes
PRI: 33.42mm
SEC: 33.42mm
VTEC: 35.52mm

Exhaust Lobes
PRI: 33.09mm
SEC: 33.09mm
VTEC: 35.09mm

Kelford Stage 1 cams
Int, 272/274 @ 0.1mm, 202/210 @ 1.00mm 7.55/8.30mm Valve lift

Exh, 272/276 @ 0.1mm, 202/212 @ 1.00mm, 7.55/7.55mm Valve lift
The Tsx numbers are just caliper measurements of the lobes. You can't use them to compare. The Stg 1 numbers you posted must be the lower lobes only and are about the same as OEM k20z3. If you are interested in cams that do not require valvetrain upgade RedFG2 just dynoed @ 231hp with GoPower drop in cams.
I sold that guy those Toruku cams. They are brand new.They will work on the k20z3, but they have 12.5 mm lift. That is pushing it without valvetrain upgrade on a k20z3. The lower lobes on the Toruku are about the same as stock. Toruku is out of business. TSX is definately the best bang for the buck especially if you can get them used.
1 - 2 of 55 Posts
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