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kelford stg1 vs. 06-08 Tsx cams

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I was wondering if someone could help chime in and compare the Kelford stg1 cams vs. 06-08 TSX camshafts.
I am leaning towards the kelford stg1. upgrading my valve train is NOT an option.

Thanx 8th Gen
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bumping this thread, import tuner stuck the kelfords in the k20z3 and with an RRC manifold netted 30+hp IIRC. This was the gains over stock tune with DCRH, magnaflow exhaust and stock intake
yes, import tuner not honda tuning thank you
I wish they would have done the RRC then cams (or vice-versa) to compare gains with each mod. From the last "test" of the Kelford Cams (albeit stage 2) the gains were "bad" (they never posted the results). So, I would say take these gains with a grain of salt.

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They did do that. The article isn't online yet, but go pick up the mag. They did the RRC untuned; RRC tuned; then RRC / kelford drop ins untuned; last RRC/kelford cams tuned

It turned up being like 18whp tuned from the cams after the RRC was put it. The RRC gained a pretty good amount as well.
Evasive, is there any specfic reason you haven't stuck an aftermarket intake on there yet? Also, would a ported RBC be better than the RRC? I have a spare RBC I've been wanting to do something with and these cams look like what will come right after the manifold.
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