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kelford 179b stock compression

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I just ordered the 179b and I might be contemplating on maybe returning them to get a the drag cartel 2.2. I want to run the stock compression on the k20z3 and my aim is to get around 250whp. I read that the drag cartel 2.2 is more aggressive than the kelfords but i could be wrong. A lot of people have the 179a so i'm posting this thread in regards to the 179b. Anybody with 179b chime in ? =D

Mods I bought
skunk2 intake manifold
j37 tb
supertech valvetrain 92lb springs
09 tsx tct
buddy club pro spec exhaust
plm header with hfc
injen cai
hondata flashpro
600cc injectors

Cartel 2.2 Endurance Specs:
Intake: 13.5mm Lift /.266° Duration @ .050
Exhaust: 12.2mm Lift /.260° Duration @ .050

kelford 179b Specs:
Int, 274/280 @ 0.1mm, 210/220 @ 1.00mm 8.30mm/9.00mm Valve lift
Exh, 268/278 @ 0.1mm, 200/210 @ 1.00mm, 7.55/7.55mm Valve lift
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not experiencing anything. Just doing my due dilligence adjusting valves every 20k miles.
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