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so last july i took my 06 si in for the 3rd gear fix, they fixed it yada yada yada, lol the 3rd gear stuff started happening again so i took it in today, and about an hour ago i get a call saying my clutch is worn bad. :facepalm: ive been reading and i definately dont want to put in another oem clutch, so i want to get a cc stage 2, so i talked to the dealer and they wont install an aftermarket clutch :facepalm: so im guessing that since im picking up my car tomorrow that one of these weekends im gonna drop my tranny and install the clutch myself. ive been looking for some pdf's , and also how to's on dropping our tranny but can only find very vauge descriptions. can someone give me a link to a pdf or some page that shows how to do it. lol

hopefully after all this i wont have any problems.
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