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I've got a second car I plan to sell. It's for a 97 Civic LX. I'm getting different values by as much as a $1600 difference. Here are the particulars on the Civic:

206K miles
Bought it new - original owner
Between "Good" and "Fair" condition because it's got a brand new set of 60K mile tires, I just replaced the front brakes at 205K miles and the rear brakes about 60K miles ago. However, the paint is crappy on the hood and bumper only due to the constant driving. Otherwise, the paint is still good everywhere else. There's no hint of rust. The interior is still perfect.

Kelly Blue Book "private party" values:
$3350 (good)
$2875 (fair)

Edmunds "private party" values:
$2119 (clean)
$1200 (average)

NADA "trade-in" value: $2500 (I couldn't find the "private party" option.)

You'll notice the differing values. Kelly Blue Book tends to over value, so I'm thinking of just averaging it out between KBB and Edmunds. What do you all think? Who is correct?

BTW, I'm in California.
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