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Hello everyone, I have an fg2. Here's what happened. Missed shift my car causing my car to over rev and blew the motor. Got it fixed (rebuild the motor with OEM parts) but the people who rebuild it did wrong, so today it took a dump on its own. Keep in mind since the day it was rebuild, the car has not been abused, was in the progress of broking it in.

Now what I want to do it buy flash pro and do a k24a2 swap. What do I Need to do this swap, need your guys input.

Will mine k20 LSD tranny direct bolt on? Yes or no?
Will I need different type of headers? If so which kind?
Flash pro I obviously do need it. From where can I get this file to upload it on the flash pro?
What do I specifically need to do this swap?

I need someone to input me with the stuff that been there done that.

Thanks for your guys time to read this.
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