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its hard to type with one hand, but i'll try. so please excuse any errors.

last night, a friend called me and asked if i could come pick them up from the highway. bc their car had just eff'd up on them. so we dropped off one guy and proceeded to the other one's house. on the way to 675... there's an inside road, similar to the TOTD, but on a very minor level... as i'm making my way around one turn, some animal jumps out and scares the crap outta me... swerved and ended up in a double swamp ditch like. the car jumped off from the first ditch nose first and ended in the 2nd... all front airbags deployed... windshield cracked. back window gone... passenger window as well... the ceiling came down in the rear bc there was a tree branch that was in the way... so i guess the branch kept the car from landing upside down... my back pass.. got a deep cut on the back of his head... kriz was alrite.. and i suffered a tendon laceration on my right hand middle finger... thick blood everywhere... clothes, car, street... everywhere.

tow'd the car... went to da hostp... and got it stitch'd up... and now awaiting surgery repair in a week. got a temp cast on my wrist... and IV's stuck every where... medical leave frm work... and will be taking pictures later 2day. will talk with the doc and insurance comp later 2day as well... so much pain... jeezus.


You can see my dried blood on the panel...

Still repp'in the 8thCivic...



My new wallpaper... :((

Here are some links to the "old me" threads. Lets enjoy the memories... hmm.



Pics of the injured hand on page 9.....

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Good to hear that your injuries are not more severe than they are now. I have had experiences with deer that will curl your hair. I hit one a few years ago and it will scare the heck out of you. I was on a cruise Saturday night and saw one, then two deer, both of which ran right in front of me. Many people are killed or seriously injured each year because of deer. Get well soon.

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Man that sucks bro, hopefully everything will work out alright for you and your passengers.

Keep us updated.

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man that sucks. hopefully everything works out for you in the end.

damn man, my rule is, anything smaller than a cat, i aint moving for you. house pets and larger animals (racoons, and possums) i'll stop for lol. **** man, that really sucks. feel better.
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