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K20Z3 with RRC oil pump and toda valve springs Max engine RPM

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I have been researching for i while i have a relatively new 2011 si about 40 000 km. I wanted to play with the engine and some parts and let it rev up but i am not 100 % sure what the stock internal can handle. According to all post valves will start to float around 8600 rpm and the oil pump will become inefficient in that range . So the plan is to fix this problem with Toda valve springs and RRC oil pump. Now the big question is how much rpm the connecting rods and pistons can handle . I am aware that if i rebuild the engine with forged components i will have no problem revving up to 10 000 rpm. There are amazing products on the market titanium valves, beehive springs etc. This is all way off budget unfortunately for me. So if anybody has a good idea what can be done with the stock for please advice. I am willing to spend a few $ to get the car more fun . I am not expecting the to 2 L engine to become 5 L v8 this is not the point. I had very recently a big V8 Mercedes that i crashed and i never looked back. Fuel cost comparing to the Honda is unreal so i would like to stay NA 2L engine . I know that this topic has been discussed before i did spend reading a few post but it wasn't very clear because there was a lot of topic comments.
Thanks to all for your input .
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A little late but from what I've gathered the Stock Cast Pistons will take about 9200rpm of continuous extended abuse before you risk ripping the wrist pins right out of the pistons. If you don't have cams you won't gain much from going past 8600.
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