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k20a.org cam shootout getting ugly

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however, the results could be informative for a future cam purchase once we get a tuning option. dyno is scheduled for this weekend 20-21st.

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I'm not surprised....those threads can usually get pretty ugly, but their information is really second to none. Plus they've got some dope ass project cars.
Why is everyone being so jumpy on who watches and who doesnt?

They act like its a top secret government test...

seems like the IPS K2's had more power/tq throughout, and maybe the Skunk2 Stage 2's would make more power if it was revd higher.

i would take the K2's.
-QUOTED-"I've always said the crower stage 2/4 and the k2's would have been the TIGHTEST AND BEST CAM TEST because the cams are soooooooooo close in overall design it's crazy... if you guys don't beleive me check out my graph.. look at the curve how similar it is....


so in my personal opinion. those k2's were tuned very good, and if a couple whp were to be extracted they wouldn't have showed significant results greater... A GREAT MIDRANGE cam with some good top end, for all around driving and fun... undoubtable.." from hotwheelz from k20a

so my question are those bc cams he's talking about the same as the ones that are for sale for the k20z3?
i think he is referring to the old crower stage 2 3/4 cams, not the new brian crower stage 2 cams. however, the new brian crower stage 2's i think are the same as the old crower stage 2 3/4, but they have a slightly hotter intake cam. let me get the info right now...

yeah looks like they are almost identical to the old ones, same duration but higher lift on the intake side, and slightly lower lift on the exhaust side it would appear. they are both

304/300 high lobe duration 234/228 small lobe duration
then CC-.514"/.483" BC-.525"/.472" for vtec lobe lift.

the k2's on the other hand are--

302/295 253/246 .522"/.466"

It would appear that the bc's are close to the k2's on high lobe duration, but they have less low lobe duration. the lifts on the high lobes are slightly bigger on the bc's though.

I don't know how these three cams would actually stack up though, same dyno same day.

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so do you think the bc cams are worth the money?
you'd have to ask someone with some real world knowledge here.

you could also try k20a.org
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