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K20/K24 Frank Build: Cams Left

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What I have put together so far:

12:5:1 Compression
CP Pistons
Carillo Rods
87.5mm Bore
Go Power Valve train
First gen HR Tensioner
70mm RBC

I need advice on what cams I should run on my setup, Some ideas:

Skunk 2 Stage 3 (most likely)
Kelford Stage 3
Crower Stage 3
Cartel Stage 3.2

Last Thing on the menu is what size TB. Note this swap is on my RSX so no drive by wire TBs
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Moving on to the next subject of matter:
What Throttle Body to use. They vary in price, reliably, size, and power gains

Skunk2 70mm TB
Skunk2 72mm TB
BDL 70mm TB

Prayoonto stage 5s ftw was gonna go with the 3s myself now ordering the 5s this week got convinced by the power gains with them they still build power past 9600 which is amazing and there is a lot more guys running them in daily driven cars weekly for real good input go on k20a . O r g way way way way more better input and educated people I feel like this whole forum besides jotech and a few others have no knowledge or anything there speaking on no wonder people think 8th gens are a joke with everyone thinking they make 250 with I h e and flash pro lmao i can't even look at most of these build threads there depressing lol but either way what ever cam you go with prayoonto will not let you down but I got new info from Yosolo yesterday pretty much telling me not to waste the money on the 3s cause 12.5 will support the 5s but I'm probably going 13.7 now anyway trying to get to around 300-330 on 93

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i didnt think that hybrid racing came out with the throttle body for the 8th gen yet?
they didnt. we're talking about an rsx here.
ooo any idea on when they will be coming out with it?
If I remember correctly he made 318 at church on pump

Tapatalk 2 Sucka!
Just ordered my Mfactory LSD, can't wait

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Great parts collection so far. Lmk what valvetrain you end up going with.
Back to the drawing board for the cams. SVM failed to deliver after waiting 9 weeks (4-6 week delivery time was given) after sending over payment. Pretty much I started getting ignored at the 8th week and I got frustrated. I got my money back (thanks to Google Wallet) and now I have to order another set of cams.
Toda A3's all the way!

Sorry to hear about your issue with the cams though...
What cams did you end up going with?
Drag cartel 3.2
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