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K Tuned Clutch Master Cylinder and Slave

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I purchased my car with an extended warranty that covers bumper to bumper. I was thinking about buying the K Tuned complete CMC and Slave kit. I was wondering if it would void warranty if something were to happen transmission wise?
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I would say, it depends on how you are going to drive the car? That kit really helps on high rpm shifts, but also needs a flashpro to maximize the benefits of it. You need to remove the rev hang with the flashpro. I like to abuse my car without these parts, 2 gears only last about 210,000 miles for me, before the syncros were pretty bad. The stock setup just can't do repeated fast shifts over 8000 rpms, expectly the 1st to 2nd gear shift.
Keep in mind that Honda's warranty verbiage is clear about modifications voiding warranties. It is especially so with extended warranties. They could, if the dealer informed them of the mod, use it to tell you to pound sound (legal def: **** off round eye!) with regards to your warranty.

That being said...if you keep records and receipts showing you followed or exceeded Hondas maintenance schedules, and if you keep the OEM master and slave, you just re-install it before taking it to the dealership. The records are important because if you never take your car to the dealership, which you should do if you are planning on mods, you gotta show proof you followed the maint. sched.

The miles left on the extend is what would make the decision for me. Close to the end? Screw it, play away. Otherwise go ahead and buy the shite you want to add to the car and install after extend is dead.

In the immortal words of Slim Shady: "Be smart. Dont be a retart". ...
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Get an Em1 slave and master. theres no reason for a propietary ktuned one over the oem em1 kit. Its oem and looks 90% the same. If anything you are doing preventative maitenance, Honda knows the 8th gen slave and master sucks thats why they updated it, despite keeping the dampeners on them (9th gen and 10thgen)
No tech getting paid enough to be tripped up inspecting the casting of the clutch pedal components.
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