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K&N short ram intake question

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Hi everyone,
I hope this is where I can post this question.
We just installed a 69-1013TS K&N performance air intake on a 2009 civic coupe. Reading over the instructions they said to put the small trim on the inner hole on the heat shield. Well the heat shield had two holes so the trim was put on the smallest hole (that connects the hose) while the other hole (that holds the filter) does not have trim on it.
Now looking around I think I saw others putting the trim on the filter hole, were we wrong? And if so, what damage can this do and how do we fix it.
Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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You put that gasket on the exterior of the flange farthest from the throttle body, before the filter assembly and screws.

Personally I cut a bigger gasket, but never could get the whole assembly to seal correctly. I now have HR intake.
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