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what are you dropped on and what % is your tint? looks awesome
Neuspeed Race Springs / Tokicos
17% tint

He is going to paint his HFPs

However, I love that bronze on ASM :thumb:
Powdercoat > Paint

i'm fond of the right side of you car =]
I just realized I only take pictures of that side :eek:
Mikey6p: Question for you...is that a cleared out stock headlights? hybrid headlights? or 09 headlights?

Your car looks good btw:thumb:
Cleared out stock. Left the reflector in.


I like the bronze ASM combo
You'll like the new color combo more

zomg.... hfps look horrible on asm

Thank you.

you thinking about powder coating those hfp????
Fa sho.
1 - 20 of 72 Posts
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