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Just Put In BC stage 2 Cams!!!!

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I just got through with the test drive and all i can say is wow.... after 2 days of changing valve springs and retainers and finding the right sprockets making spacers...and all the other bs with a cam swap I took it out tonight and it feels awsome.. I also went with a sunk 2 70mm exhaust... i have a SSR RH, 70mm cat back, IMG, TSX TB, Reflash, P2R, airbox mod, and UD pulleys.. with this setup it now pulls clean to 8400RPM... It feels like its making more power everyware.. the only thing is the piston to valve is super close.... I have made around 205WHP before and I will do a the dyno next week sometime and I will let everyone know how it went... but i can tell its making good power... I just hope the AF is ok.... I was watching the 02 voltage on my scan tool and it looks just a bit lean... but I cant tell much tell I get it on the dyno.. If its lean my plan is to put on a Injen CAI... people on here have talked about the car running a bit richer witht the CAI.. now only if there was a K-Pro... I could just tune it myself...
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were going to need a video and the dyno graph as soon as possible :biggrin:
+1 for being able to do all that. looking foward to the dyno results.
just a noob cam question...

how did you figure out the piston to valve clearance was close?
Nice!! I'm in to see the results :popcorn:
you can run these without tuning?! how is your idle?
you can run these without tuning?! how is your idle?
:yeahthat: :popcorn:
sinirgi said:
just a noob cam question...

how did you figure out the piston to valve clearance was close?
Without using clay to verify piston valve clearance or a mechanical drawing to take measurements from, you can also look at the cam lobe lift and duration compared to stock to give a good estimate of clearance.
So did you slip it by the wife cleanly??? or does she know???
Baller!!!! LOL can't wait to see the dyno bro
Idle is almost like like stock. The lobe change is on the Vtec side of the cam from what I understand..... I used a soft plastic wire and stuck it into the combustion chamber and cycled the motor plus some basic math to figure out the piston to valve stuff.... I did get a CEL on the way to work today.. I get one every once in a while from not having a cat in my car even with the defouler.. but with no code scaner here I wont know what it is tell i get home. and my wife well... she has not sceen the credit card bill yet... so in a few weeks I will be sleeping in my SI also...
so in a few weeks I will be sleeping in my SI also...[/QUOTE]

Lets hope for that not to happen lol good stuff wit the si tho :thumb:
OK well I put it on the Dyno about 30 min ago.. and it made power but is lean.. about 14.4... it was 13.2 it made 218.. so 10WHP over my last dyno.. and the powr curve is down on tq bigtime below 6K.. bot over 6k its making 16 more tq. so I am off to get a injen CAI and some other things.. I will post some dyno sheets in a day or so.. i dont have a camra phone or scanner.. damm blackberrys... But I dont know how I am going to make it that much richer.... So I guess the begging phone calls to hondata will start next week.... the good news is I think it will be around 225-230 with the AF right.... now just so you people know the dyno i use has always been about 5hp high.... and its the first gen dynojet.. with the new winprep software and I use a older motec wideband to tune it...
all i have to say. wow. good thread.... just the route i'm taking. nicE!!
Props for dropping in the cams, but what persuaded you to do this without a tuning option? You don't want to run it at 14.4 for long. You might want to up the octane with a booster or something to be safe. Good luck and keep us updated.
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