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lol I promise i'll come out with better ones soon just been busy and the Atlanta scene for cars is a bit shady.

But today I went to dinner and surprise surprise rolled up on another EM1 owner. I laughed a bit because of my knowledge theres like 3 em1's in the area one of which lives next door to me odd.

He had spoiler delete, lowered, exhaust, and tints as far as i could tell from a simple look over.

Best part was when i left he was leaving too with his g/f from the mexican restaurant and she was chatting him up while i was talking to the people I was with he kept staring over at me and flicked his lights on and off haha. He wanted to talk i could tell but couldn't get away from his girl. So I ended up leaving as he watched me drive away :( Poor guy.

Sexy car though. I promise updates / pictures by june i'm working on getting quite a few things installed have a huge project list for the car this summer. We'll have to see how it turns out.

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