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Hey there,
i've been a member of the 8th since I first bought my 2009 fg2, and have actively been using the forum for all of the 8th's wealth of information and the opinions/reviews of it's members. I've just started modding my car and one of the first few things i've thrown in is an Injen CAI so I figured i would give a quick little review.

Throttle response has definately improved. Not so much rev hang anymore and the denser cold air definately helps in the mid-range especially accelerating to pass on the highway. The extra deep throaty sound (no pun intended:dance:) definately adds a more aggressive sound under spirited acceleration.

As for the install, took about an hour with a friend (taking a few smoke breaks here and there) the most trouble had was getting my bumper clips out in one piece :facepalm:. Removing the stock air filter, plastic piping, air box, remove a few hoses (Make sure to plug the coolant line on the throttle body or you might lose a bit of coolant), modify the fender well lining to slide the pipe through into the lower engine bay, bolt the new intake piping to the old air box mounts, connect to the throttle body and put the new filter on, put the bumper back on and voila!

Overall, pretty pleased with the purchase. I do have an Injen Hydro-Shield I need to install so I hope to give a review on that soon as well.
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