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Big Update: Much obliged to my dear friend Mikey6p.

2007 LX Coupe

Engine/Performance Modifications
Home-Made Intake w/ AEM Filter
Megan Racing Down Pipe
HFP Sport Axleback
Corsport Hood Spacers (Red)

Wheel/Suspension Upgrades
17x7.5 Volk Racing LE37
Falken Azenis RT-615 215/45/17
Tokico HP's
Eibach Sportlines
Skunk2 Camber Arms (Gold)
Ingalls Camber Bolts
Si Front Sway Bar
Progress Rear Sway Bar
Corsport V1 Endlinks

Exterior Modifications
JDMEGO Plate Frame (i </3 your fake wheels)
Mugen License Plate Bolts
Type R Sidemarkers
JDM Badge (Just the front. Rear is still on my stock trunk)
HFP Front Lip
Blue Rocket's Red Out Tails
Si Front Grill
Si Trunk & Wing
Amber Fog Lights
8k HID Kit 9006
3k HID Kit H11

Interior Modifications
Si Leather Steering Wheel
Auger Shift Boot
StrutKing Auto Pedal Set
AVIC-D3 Navi w/ iPod Cable
Blue Rocket's Oil Slick Steering Wheel Badge
Type R Hazard Button

Mikey6p & I

Thanks for looking. Let me know what you guys think.

A few older pictures:

Stock Height & Type S wheels.

Stock Height & Stock Trunk

Stock Everything

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:rotfl: I like how you include your shoes in your build thread!

Interesting choice with the tails. I'd like to do the same, but I'm just not that brave. :sadface: I bought th smoked overlays, but hated them. They were on my GG for all of 5 minutes (Total waste of hours of careful install time, right?).

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cant help it, i'm just obscure. ha.

and i haven't had one issue with my tail lights. backed out in front of two cops and i had some lady recognize that i red(ed?)-out my tails and waited for me to back out of my parking spot at work.

it's all good!
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