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  • URAS NS-01 - F: 17x9 +30 R: 17x8 +30
  • Skunk2 Pro-C w/14k rear springs
  • Hankook RS-2
    Front: 245/40/17
    Rear: 235/40/17
  • Skunk2 Lugs
  • Ingalls Camber Adjusters
  • Progress RSB w/ Hotchkis Endlinks

  • Front End JDM Badge
  • GRFXP.com Tail Light Red-Outs
  • Relocated Plate
  • Luminics Yellow DRL's
  • EX Trunk Debadged
  • V-LEDS part # 194 for License Plate Lights (WHITE)
  • DIY Paint Grill - From GG to Gloss Black
  • Soshinoya Badge - Mexico Edition
  • Replica Mugen Wing (PICS SOON)
  • TSX Retro - 5500k w/ 55watt balast
  • Authentic Mugen Visors (PICS SOON)

  • Broadway Mirror Recovered from my Nighthawk
  • Red Interior/Trunk Light
  • M1 Abrahms Mirror Knob
  • SPARCO Fighter with Wedge Engineering Bracket

  • 10' Kicker Sub
  • Kenwood 6x9 Rear Speakers
  • Kicker 6x9 Front Door Speakers

Moar To Come!​

8,053 Posts
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Wtf. I miss the crash. Eli sold you his car ? Nice.
haha, na Eli didnt sell it to me... im just trying to make up for his car.

the crash happened on the way to Tito's Long Beach Meet... Which I wasnt going to attend in the first place because i was going to Bakersfield the next morning.

then i gave in and signed up. this was the outcome. GG FA5
1 - 20 of 389 Posts
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