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Jotech Performance's r18 turbo Kit...Look inide for the special!

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That's right r18 guys we did not forget you! The r18 turbo kit is now in production this kits are made upon order.

The r18 Kit includes:

*Stainless steel Turbo manifold,Downpipe,Dumptube
*Aluminum 2.5in Intercooler piping
*Tial 38mm vband
*Tial 50 mm blow off
*Precision 5431b turbo
*Walbro fuel pump
*FIC 525cc injectors
*All the clamps and hardware
*Lifetime warranty on fabrication
*Complete instructions for the install

Price for the kit will be $3,699

Optional add ons: packages available!!!

*Precision 5857 billet= $260.00
*Precision 6262 billet= $350.00
*4in Intake= $250.00
*Flashpro= $695.00
*Tune= $425.00
*Fuel return= $550.00
*FIC 650cc= $55.00
*FIC 775cc= $75.00
*FIC 900cc(1000)= $95.00
*Fic 1100cc= $145.00

r18 A/T transmission Flashpro is out!!!!!

Shoot us a pm for the best prices on Flashpros!!
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Im assuming that manifold won't fit a t-25 flanged turbo.
We can make you one with that flange.

flash pro and tune isn't included?
No sir, that's not included
3.500 is that installed out the door. When do you think you will need the car and how long will you need it for?
No $3,500 is just the kit installation is extra. The 1st kit will be sold at a lower price and will put you just over $3,500 installed. We would need the car for 2-3 weeks to have all the fab done and installation maybe quicker than that depends how back up we are at the time.

what kind of power gains are we expecting for this kit?
With a good flashpro tune it should be at least at 300whp.
beat FR to the punch. but im gonna wait to see theirs first lol
fair enough lol

and i'm still waiting for canadian flashpro :(
You should get this kit as you wait for the canadian fp :dance:

Jeanky, pm me if you want, but I am highly interested in a price for that manifold to fit a t-25 turbo.

Anyway we can make this happen?
Yes sir we can make it happen for you.. Pmed!
the stock r18 intake manifold should be fine for what the r18 community is going to want to push for now.

it would be a real $$ maker though later on down the road, but right now i don't really see the NEED.
:1: stock IM will do fine, stock internals will be the biggest concern.
i believe kt is running 260+ last numbers i heard. so yea, its possible
we will never find out now for sure
You guys might find out sooner than what you think.
New price on the turbo kit!!!! $3,300........

The basic kit will now come with the new precision 5431b turbo which is capable of 380-400whp.
More info on the new turbo of choice.

Precision Turbo recently began machining new compressor covers to allow for the creation of an additional unit to the Entry Level line. Known as the 5431B , this turbocharger is a journal bearing unit that comes standard with a 360° thrust bearing system for enhanced durability and longevity. This turbo also flows approximately 48 lbs/min which can support an estimated 480FWHP (flywheel horsepower) which would be approximately 380-400whp.

The Precision Turbo & Engine 5431B features the following:

• Cast compressor wheel
* 54mm inducer, 70mm exducer
• B compressor cover
* 2 5/8” inlet, 1 3/4” outlet
• T31 turbine wheel.
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:) ... Jo Tech is the bomb Diggity. At least they are making a kit! Yay. happy for the R18 Community! Flashpro now a turbo kit from a company with great customer service. On my build thread the last two pages every one was saying go to Jo Tech. So i did my research and Ive only seen and read great things about them and their tuner! Good job guys!

Katie don't forget about me, when you get the info shoot over via Pm.
It's all good Bryan both of us are looking forward to do business with you!
Thanks guys! Will post pictures of the finished product soon!

Kt thanks for all your help ;)
We should have pics up soon for the mani with an external wg flange. Remember this mani can be done with the turbo and wg flanges of your choice.
However I do plan on having one of the highest hp R18's next year sometime, with a little help from JO-Tech, although I haven't talked to them about it yet.

Hint: Will involve a R20 block and custom work.
This sounds awesome let me know what are the plans!
We have been slammed at the shop and have not had time to work on the projects lately. 8thgenial bought our r18 mani he should be posting results soon.
r18 A/T transmission Flashpro is out!!!!!

Shoot us a pm for the best prices on Flashpros!! Now those of you who wanted to turbo your a/t r18 are able too!
beasstttt!!!! :drooling: has the car gone on the dyno yet ? just curious to see if you guys got any charts for it :eyebrows:
hahah relax my man, not yet!
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