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Jotech Performance's r18 turbo Kit...Look inide for the special!

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That's right r18 guys we did not forget you! The r18 turbo kit is now in production this kits are made upon order.

The r18 Kit includes:

*Stainless steel Turbo manifold,Downpipe,Dumptube
*Aluminum 2.5in Intercooler piping
*Tial 38mm vband
*Tial 50 mm blow off
*Precision 5431b turbo
*Walbro fuel pump
*FIC 525cc injectors
*All the clamps and hardware
*Lifetime warranty on fabrication
*Complete instructions for the install

Price for the kit will be $3,699

Optional add ons: packages available!!!

*Precision 5857 billet= $260.00
*Precision 6262 billet= $350.00
*4in Intake= $250.00
*Flashpro= $695.00
*Tune= $425.00
*Fuel return= $550.00
*FIC 650cc= $55.00
*FIC 775cc= $75.00
*FIC 900cc(1000)= $95.00
*Fic 1100cc= $145.00

r18 A/T transmission Flashpro is out!!!!!

Shoot us a pm for the best prices on Flashpros!!
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Well i want to have the first r18 in the 12' sec!!!!!!!!!Will see

Thanks guys for the support!!!

They took measurements and created a thread..

..am I missing something?
Yes sir my welder made a jig already and when the kit is finish I'll put in a car to make sure everything fits perfect,I really can't afford to make 4 kits and have them on the shelf until someone decides to buy them so that why i make them upon order.

JO... afaik, the hondata/omni 4bar MAP doesn't work with the R18 TB (physically doesn't fit), that's why Hondata added support for the RDX MAP sensor. So you might need to offer that sensor with your kit instead, unless you know something I don't on that topic.

Also, peeps will need an intake manifold swap before running a kit, so you might look into making your own IM. I know the guys around here would love to have another IM option from a reputable source. :eyebrows:

Thanks for the info sir i wasn't aware of the map situation but the stock map sensor reads to 11 psi which is enough for stock engine and we will have the RDX map sensor as an upgrade

Well about the IM i think for 300-350 is good I have worked with a lot of scion Tc and those car have a plastic IM and i make 420hp with them no problems at all, but i can make one with my welder if you guys wanted.
haha, not necessarily. I'm also not as bug-hesitant as you. Plus I can wait awhile...I've got a few more months yet on my bumper-to-bumper.

My real worry will be the tranny. Jo, any comments in that regard? Have you even investigated something as absurd as an auto turboed R18?
No yet but i start to make some research!!! Jummm turbo r18 interesting!!!!!!
I try to go to the Honda dealer ans see if those guys have any r18 open so i can see all the internals!!
:) ... Jo Tech is the bomb Diggity. At least they are making a kit! Yay. happy for the R18 Community! Flashpro now a turbo kit from a company with great customer service. On my build thread the last two pages every one was saying go to Jo Tech. So i did my research and Ive only seen and read great things about them and their tuner! Good job guys!
Thanks Katie!!!!!
JO, whats a price on hondata for the R18 and your manifold (with the t3 flange) shipped? Also, how quick can you get a manifold made and sent out? Im going with the T3 manifold and external waste-gate option, assuming your manifold can handle this. Also, can you give me a separate price on that with the downpipe and dump tube?

I hope that isn't to confusing, basically asking for two prices.
ok i pm all the info!!!!
Just incase, JO and JC, I didn't know if the t3 manifold would be at a different price than the t25 flanged manifold that I originally asked a price quote for. I wasn't trying to go behind either one of you. Just so you know.

No problem Brian I know don't worry
Well guys we have some in the table with one of the members something very good so we keep posted!!!
Thanks Brian for trust on us!!!!!!I put the work order today!!!!
will put some pics soon for the Brian mani!!!!!
Jo, as soon as you get that manifold ready to ship let me know so I can order hondata and the AEM UEGO
NP sir !!!!
JO was trying to get ahold of some companies to see about custom forged internals for the R18 or R20, not sure if he had enough time to do it though.
If i send a rod to pauter it takes about 6 weeks to make a set for me custom!!
Cp is 6 weeks too

Brian you want to build the engine? lmk, we can make it happen
Well I'll say one thing. Your customer service is amazing. Thanks man.
Thanks Brian
You guys are the bestest! see you guys in 2yrs... also you guys are invited to our Tampa meet 09/25

Yes lmk with time, i want to take all the car to the meet lmk.
lol how much do they pauter and CP want?
I send a email went i get a response i send you a pm.
Sorry guys I have a delay from the cnc machine about the flanges!
killing me with anticipation
Jajajajajaja i need to send you pics first Brian.
jajajajjaja! :giggle: where are you from South America?
Jajajaja no bro From PR

He's puerto rican, rite jo?
Yes sir Puertorriqueño de pura cepa!!!!

Lol jotech accent adds character. I like it :thumb:
Thanks sir i learn everyday, but the good think i no have afraid to make a mistake jajajajajaja

Just remember guys this is the first one he has ever built, so its going to take awhile he wants to make 100% sure that it will fit perfectly, and put my turbo in such a place so I can run exhaust pipes and intake pipes easily
Yor are the man Brian
I can't wait to see it! Jo I guess uj didn't see my post. What can you do to rebuild engine and tranny internals, send me a pm, or post it :)
O sorry sir me an Jc we have alot to do (thanks god) shoot me a pm
Jo can do a stage 1 transmission job on the R18. I think that means it won't wear out as fast when you are putting a lot of power in the engine.
YEs i can do the problem about make a stage 2 the r18 tranny is unique i can't play with the gear ratios like the k20's tranny

But yeah i can shim the tranny and make the work for the gears!!
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bueno puertoriqueno! ahora yo sabes q hay gente boricua aqui, yo creo q aqui todos son gringos jajjaa, anyways i have an r18 and live in orlando so whats gooood lol
Huy bravo saludos, y lo mas bravo es q somos buenos en esto y rapidos!!

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