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That's right r18 guys we did not forget you! The r18 turbo kit is now in production this kits are made upon order.

The r18 Kit includes:

*Stainless steel Turbo manifold,Downpipe,Dumptube
*Aluminum 2.5in Intercooler piping
*Tial 38mm vband
*Tial 50 mm blow off
*Precision 5431b turbo
*Walbro fuel pump
*FIC 525cc injectors
*All the clamps and hardware
*Lifetime warranty on fabrication
*Complete instructions for the install

Price for the kit will be $3,699

Optional add ons: packages available!!!

*Precision 5857 billet= $260.00
*Precision 6262 billet= $350.00
*4in Intake= $250.00
*Flashpro= $695.00
*Tune= $425.00
*Fuel return= $550.00
*FIC 650cc= $55.00
*FIC 775cc= $75.00
*FIC 900cc(1000)= $95.00
*Fic 1100cc= $145.00

r18 A/T transmission Flashpro is out!!!!!

Shoot us a pm for the best prices on Flashpros!!

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3.500 is that installed out the door. When do you think you will need the car and how long will you need it for?
No $3,500 is just the kit installation is extra. The 1st kit will be sold at a lower price and will put you just over $3,500 installed. We would need the car for 2-3 weeks to have all the fab done and installation maybe quicker than that depends how back up we are at the time.

what kind of power gains are we expecting for this kit?
With a good flashpro tune it should be at least at 300whp.

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Well i want to have the first r18 in the 12' sec!!!!!!!!!Will see

Thanks guys for the support!!!
Not if I get there first hehe

But seriously that's a slick kit. One question would you have to put spacers on the fuel rail attachment location to run the FICs?
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