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Jotech Performance built k20 or k24 race engines!!! pricing inside>

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We are proud to announce we are offering fully built short blocks at a great cost for you guys this engine packages will be able to withstand up to 1000whp with the right add-ons.

Our basic block package consists of:

*k20 or k24a4 block
*Cp pistons
*Eagle rods
*ACL bearings
*GE studs
*GE head gasket
*Type S oil pump assembly
*Machine shop (Bore, Hone, Hot tank)

This package goes for $3,500

Add-on Options:

*Tsx k24a2 block= $1,000
*Darton sleeves = $1,100
*ERL sleeves = $1,500 + $145 for oil squirters (includes machine work)
*Manley I-beams= $450
*K1 rods= $200
*Aluminum rods= $500 (race engine apps only)
*Calico bearings= $125
*O-ring option= $250
*Supertech block guard= $100

*s2000 oil pump and custom fab= pm for more info!!!
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