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alright guys here it is... for those interested in comming send me a PM.

Here's the info i posted on facebook.

I'm going to keep it short and simple. It's my birthday and it's time to get it. Music and a dance floor will be covered by DJ C-Lo. We will also have a special guest stripper at 11pm for one hour, and there will be a keg provided. There will be a $10 cover fee to enter the premises, and a $5 fee for keg Beer. You are requested to car pool as much as possible. BYOB if your not drinking from the keg.
Stripper Information:: This package consists of a 1-girl, 60 minute performance usually completely nude. The show consists of a sexy strip-tease, lap-dancing, audience participation games, and an erotic toy show


any of you who have been to Fur night club you've heard DJ C-Lo before... shits going to get crazy lol... im expecting around 100 people so like i said if you want to come to my bash hit me up..
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