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I am wanting to do a DIY install. Has anyone installed the JL Audio C2-650x in the rear of their coupes, specifically a 2006? Was wondering how much modification is needed as Crutchfield says I need to cut into the speaker grill to install this set in the rear deck. How much cutting do I need to do, or is this inaccurate?

Also, I read that the torsion bar needs to be cut to fit some speakers in. Will the C2-650x fit without cutting the bar? Can these speakers be mounted from the bottom for easy removal later, instead of removing the rear deck cover?
Crutchfield screenshot of vehicle configuration with c2-650x for the rear.

How much modifying for the JL Audio c3-650 is required for the tweeters to fit in the dash? They are slightly larger than the stock pair.
Crutchfield screenshot of vehicle configuration with C3-650 in the front.
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