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I have a 2007 Honda Civic EX - 230k miles.

CODES: There have been 4 different codes since Dec 2018 (yes, it's had a problem for a while). P0172 (System Too Rich Bank 1), P2646 ("A" Rocker Arm Actuator System Performance/Stuck Off), P0351 (Ignition Coil "A" Circuit Primary/Secondary Malfunction), P0301 (Cylinder 1 misfire detected) and possible next code: P0420 (Catalyst system efficiency below threshold (Bank 1) ).

DEC 2019 – P0172
5/31/19 - P0172
7/14/19 -- P0172
7/14/19 – P2646
8/16/19 – P2646
8/19/19 – P0172
9/10/19 – P0172
9/26/19 – P0172
10/17/19 – P0172
11/4/19 – P0172
11/20/19 – P0172
12/6/19 – P0172
12/11/19 – P0351
12/11/19 – P0301

12/26/19 – P0301
1/11/20 – P0301
1/20/2020 – P0301

Rough acceleration from stop to go, lurching motion, lack of power, bad gas mileage, rough idling, and now stalling out from stop to go at a light, stop sign, etc. Not every time however. If I accelerate slow I won't stall. If I hit the gas pretending I know it doesn't have a problem I will stall. Right now I've fixed a lot to try and get it to where I feel safe driving it.

April 2019
Attempted to fix first code P0172.
- Mechanic replaced spark plugs and upstream 02 sensor. 4 months later CEL comes back on - same code, P0172.

July 2019
  • P0172 is still on.
  • Replace Downstream 02 Sensor
August 2019
- Replace Solenoid Gasket

Between July 19 and December 19
  • Replaced MAP Sensor
  • Replaced MAF Sensor
  • Mid December on a cold day go to start car and get P0301
  • Replace Fuel Injector Cylinder 1.
  • EGR valve is working correctly. Clean anyway
  • Check spark plugs, move them around and coil packs to see if they are bad. They aren't
January 2020
- Still stalling, still rough idling, still poor gas milage, ALSO, while on highway car sounds like it is trying to throw more fuel and car is stuttering at speeds above 65.
- Replaced 3 other Fuel Injectors
  • Replaced PCV Valve
  • Replaced EGR Gasket (cleaned EGR Valve)

What could be next? Idle Control Valve, Clean Throttle Body, etc?

The car owes me nothing, but another 10k miles would be fantastic.

HELP? There are other details - ask and you shall receive!
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