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So i got my car from Jay Lee's honda of sumner,wa on 1/16/13
found it on craiglist was looking for one for a long time i wanted with low miles, good color, and stock.
so i found a blue 09 civic si with 35k on it and they where asking 18k for it
completly stock except h.i.d's
they worked with me on the price tell we got it down to something i could live with they also got my good interested rate 4% no bad for a 22 year old haha
also everything i asked for they gave me
*a second key i was not trying to pay 150 for a key
*full tank of gas
*fresh car wash detail and oil change
*let me take few things out of my old car and put the stock stuff back in
*and 2 free oil chaged
so when i went to the dealership i was not expecting to buy the car i just wanted to test drive it and check it out and see what kinda deal they could make me
ended up buying the car and as everyone knows it takes a little while to make the deal sign the papers ect,ect,ect..
my girlfriend keep bugging me saying (im hungry) so while waiting for the banks to tell me my interest rate i asked if i could go grab some food and suprisingly they said they would do it for me so they told me and my gf to write down what we wanted and they went and bought it for us i thought that was really cool
the sales manager (frank) was a really cool guy the car still had factory warenty on it but he extended it from 60k to 100k 7 year for me
cool people and good dealership

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so first they only wanted to give me 3k for my ep3 but i still owe 6.6 on it so i ended up talking them into paying off my car in full and i ended up paying 18k for the fa2 but they where asking 18.9 so i think i got a pretty decent deal my main thing was i wanted low interest rate and i didnt want to pay to much monthly so my payments only went up 100 a month from the ep3 so it worked out good
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