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>Hondata K-pro
>Throttle Wire Conversion
>Skunk2 Manifold
>Skunk2 Throttle Body
>Skunk2 70mm Exhaust
>SSR Race Header
>Custom Short Ram Intake
>Skunk2 Fuel Rail
>Skunk2 Oil Cap
>Skunk2 Mag. Tranny/Oil Plugs
>Battery Relocation
>Motor Mount Inserts
>2nrs Tuned
>Skunk2 Short Shifter
>Hybrid Racing Shifter Bushings
>Semi-Gloss Black Valve Cover
>Custom Wire Tuck

>Megan Racing Lower Rear Tie-Bar
>Megan Racing Front Tie-Bar
>Megan Racing H-Brace
>Buddyclub N+ coilover
>Skunk2 Rear Camber Kit
>Tcsportline Front Strut Bar
>Progress Rear Sway Bar
>Custom Trunk Brace
>Custom Rear Strut Bar

>Stoptech Slotted Front & Rear Rotors
>Hawk HPS Front & Rear Pads
>Stoptech SS Brake Lines
>ATE Racing Blue Brake Fluid

>(D.D.) Stockies Painted Gold W/Red H
>3rd Set Of Stock Tires
>(T.D.) 17x8 5Zigen Fno1R-C (Bronze)
>225/45/17 Falken Azenis

>Full Suede Everywhere!!!*
>LED Front and Rear Dome Light
>Skunk2 Weighted Shift Knob
>Broadway 270mm Rearview mirror
>Escort Passport 8500 Radar and Laser Detector
>Garmin Portable Navi

>Vis CF RR Hood
>HFP Front Lip
>JDM Foglight kit
>8K HID Low Beams
>2.5K High Beams
>LED license Bulbs
>Cleared Turn Signal
>5% Window Tint All Around
>Skunk2 Front Windshield Sticker
>I.heart.haters Rear Windshield Sticker
>2nrs Rear Windshield Sticker

>Viper Alarm 791XV


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Biohazard's Ride

List of current mods:

*USDM Mugen Cat back Exhaust
*Mugen Si quick-shifter v2
*Mugen Oil Cap
*mugen Radiator Cap
*Hondata Reflash
*P2R throttle body spacer & gaskets set
*X intake with Apexi Filter
*Password Relocate battery kit
*Odyssey Battery
*Buddy Club 4-2-1 race header
*Buddy Club test-pipe (cat-delete)
*TB Bypass
*Curved Radiator Hose
*Ingalls power stick (dog-bone)
*Spoon CF spark plug cover
*Spoon magnetic oil and transmission drain plugs.
*Amsoil Sycromesh MTF
*Eneos Oil

Brake Upgrades
*Axxis ULT Ceramic track brake pads
*motul 600 brake fluid
*motul 600 brake fluid in clutch
*Brembo blank rotors front
*Goodridge SS brake lines

*HFP suspension
*Motegi Traklite 2.0 Silver (17 x 8) + 45 offset (14 lbs each)
*Dunlop Direzza sport Z1 Star Specs 235/40/17
*Volk Racing Formula Lug Nuts (black)
*Comptech 19mm Rear Sway Bar Adjustable

*Tint 3M 20%
*OEM Fog Lamps
*Mugen visors
*USDM mugen grill
*mugen license plate bolts
*Mugen A badge on trunk
*LED lighting on rear (license plate and reverse lights)
*Matching PIAA bulbs for low beams and fogs (Ultra whites)
*Luminex yellows on DRL
*Splash Guards
*HFP front lip

*JDM mugen door sills
*USDM Mugen shift knob
*Strutdead pedal
*mugen equipped badge above shifter
*CTR Hazard button
*2007 si sedan trunk interior insulation
*mugen rear view mirror cover
*JDM Road Hazard Flare (LED)

*FD2 dip stick
*FD2 Gas sticker on inner gas door (in Japanese)
*Dual Honda Fit horns

Biohazard's Build Thread:


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2007 Fiji Blue Pearl Honda Civic Si Sedan


Bronze Volk RE30 18x8.5 +30
Toyo Proxes RA1 225/40/18
17" Acura RSX Type-S
Nitto Neo Gen 215/45/17

Suspension & Brakes
Skunk2 Pro-C Coilovers
Skunk2 Rear Camber Kit in Gold
Hawk HPS
ATE TYP 200 Brake Fluid
Goodridge SS Lines

Engine Modifications
Skunk2 Mega Power R 70mm
3" Custom Downpipe
Greddy Turbo Kit
AMR Custom Intercooler & Piping
RC 550cc Injectors
Hondata FlashPro
Fiji Blue Pearl Valve Cover
Pearl White Spark Plug Cover & Dip Stick

Interior Modifications
Strutking Dead Pedal
JDM DC5 Type-R Shift Knob
Carbon Fiber Dash Trim Kit
Blue LED Map Lights
Pioneer Avic D3
AEM UEGO Wideband AFR Gauge
GlowShift Boost Gauge
Blitz Dual-SBC Spec S Boost Controller

Exterior Modifications
White LED License Plate Lights
HFP Front Lip
Mugen Rear Lip, Side Skirts & Spoiler
20% Tint Rear
S2000 Retrofit w/Blue CCFL
'09 Outer Tail Lights w/Amber Turn Signals


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-Wheels & Brakes
-Advan RZ's
-Rotora Brake Calipers
-Rotora Slotted Front Rotors
-Rotora SS Brake Lines
-Project Kics Lugs
-Kumho Tires

-Injen Cold Air Intake
-BuddyClub Race Header
-Greddy Ti-C Exhaust
-Skunk2 Oil Cap
-JDM Valve Cover
-CF Intake Manifold Cover
-Ingalls Torque Damp
-Viper 5901

-Skunk2 Springs
-Skunk2 Shocks
-Skunk2 Rear Camber Kit
-Ingals Front Camber Bolts
-CT Engineering Rear Adjustable Sway Bar

-Skunk2 Shift Knob
-Skunk2 Short Shifter
-JDM Shift Boot
-Pioneer AVIC Z1 Screen
-Hard Wired Valentine 1 Radar and Laser Detector
-Garmin Navi
-Strut King Civic Dead Rest Pedal

-HFP Front Lip
-HFP Back Lip
-JDM Front Emblem
-JDM Back Emblems
-Debaged Civic
-Arc Splitter
-Fog Lights
-8K HID Low Beams
-LED License Bulbs


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Engine Modifications:
- Type One Racing Test-Pipe
- Skunk2 70mm Cat-Back Exhaust
- Non-Stop Tuning Lightweight Pulley Set
- Exedy Stage 2 Ceramic Racing Clutch
- ACT Prolite 8.4lb Flywheel
- Ingalls Engine Torque Dampener
- Ingalls Powerstick Dampener
- PowerRevRacing Throttle Body Spacer
- PowerRevRacing Throttle Body Gaskets
- PowerRevRacing Intake Manifold Gasket
- PasswordJDM Oil Cap
- Mugen Radiator Cap
- PasswordJDM Resevior Tank Covers
- Optima Yellow Top Battery

Suspension Modifications:
- Eibach ProKit Lowering Springs
- Megan Racing Front Lower Strut Brace
- Carbing Racing B-Pillar Tie Brace
- Carbing Racing Front Upper Strut Brace
- Megan Racing Lower H-Brace
- Megan Racing Rear Lower Strut Brace
- Skunk2 Rear Camber Kit
- Ingalls Front Camber Bolts

Interior Modifications:
- Civic Si Console Emblem
- Billet Racing Shift Knob
- TWM Performance Short Shifter
- TWM Performance Bronze Base Bushings
- TWM Performance Bronze Cable Bushings
- Glowshift Three Guage Pillar Cluster
- Glowshift Fuel Pressure Guage
- White “H” Steering Wheel Emblem
- Sparco 3-pt Harnesses
- Sparco S3 Shoulder Harnesses

Exterior Modifications:
- Alarm System
- 18% Tint all around
- Retro O.E.M. fogs
- G3 Chrome Halo Headlights
- PNP 8000K HIDs
- Lamin-x Yellow Headlight Overlays
- Lamin-x Red Taillight Overlays
- Debadged “Civic” Emblem
- Debadged “Si” Emblem
- Custom Euro-Style Front Grille
- "Objects in mirror are losing" Side mirror decal
- Seibon Carbon Fiber O.E.M. Style Hood
- New MugenStyle-"ish" Grill
- HFP Front Lip
- HFP Rear Lip
- BlueBatMobile FG2 Roof Overlay
- BlueBatMobile HFP FG2 Front Lip Carbon Fiber Overlay
- Grafixpressions Panda Decal
- Grafixpressions “HappyToFlickOff” Decal
- Grafixpressions “ImFasterThanYou” Decal
- JDM Honda/Acura TURBO emblem

Audio Components:
- OEM Honda Navigation w/ Voicelink
- XM Satellite radio
- Bazooka BT Series 10 inch 250 watt Class D Amplified Tube

Turbo Components:
- Greddy Turbo Kit
- Greddy Oil Catch Can
- Greddy Full Auto Turbo Timer
- Walbro 255lph
- HKS SSQV Blow Off Valve
- 2 Steps Colder Spark Plugs
- A.E.M. TruBoost Type II Guage/Controller
- A.E.M. UEGO Wideband O2 Sensor
- RC Engineering 440cc Injectors
- Hondata FlashPro


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I am not understanding, what is requirement to vote? Thought I could do my share as a member. Most likely because I am a new member, so if someone could kindly clarify, that would be great. Thanks


[Edit] Interesting, I skipped the sticky. Anyways seems to me that you probably require a post limit, oh well, I'll vote next month when I have enough. Thank you.

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Looks like it's gonna be another blowout. I was hoping bluesi4 and nycclave were gonna be closer in the poll, but it already looks like bluesi4 is running away with it.
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