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There's a shop near here that charges a set rate (can't remember the rate offhand) per hy and you get your own bay,(they have 8) a lift in each and access to all tools necessary to fix and weld your car yourself. They had everything from engine hoists to code readers and every tool between.
There were also a few knowledgeable employees that would oversee things and train you on tools, hoists, readers and such. (on your dime mind you)

Consumables such as welding rod, grinding disks, lubes and so on are extra money depending on your usage but it's a great idea and you might want to look up a shop near you that does this sort of thing.

I put the trailer hitch on my SI there last spring in under an hr and even did an oil change in that time. You're kinda rushed as you're looking at the clock trying not to get another one docked to you.:) If you went over by 5 min you were automatically charged another hr.

Nothing beats having the air tools at hand with all the hardware and even balancing equipment for the tires.

Good luck

Mike Oxbig
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