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ItzRegardie & Heidi = <3 Build Thread

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Been itching to make a build thread, so here goes. Don't hurt me
I bought her in March from Howdy Honda of Austin for $18,800 OTD w/ 14k miles on her. Until May I resisted the mod bug heavily. Then suddenly the money started disappearing!

Vibrant Exhaust Installed

Vibrant Header Installed

AEM SRI Installed

After Sportlines:

Engine Modifications
AEM Short Ram Intake
Vibrant Streetpower
Vibrant Header
P2R Throttle Body Spacer, Gasket(2), and Intake Mani Gasket
Hondata FlashPro w/ E-Tunez.com Tune
Royal Purple Oil & Oil Filter
Redline MTF @ 21k miles/August 1st, 2010

Interior & Exterior Modifications
Red 'H' Emblems on Front, Back and Steering Wheel
M1 Abrams Flatblack Shift Knob
Eibach Sportlines Springs
Strut King Dead Pedal
Red Carbon Fiber Shift Boot

Planned Modifications
Motor Mounts
Skunk2 Short Shifter
AEM Cold Air Intake
HFP Suspension
Skunk2 Stage 2 Cams
Skunk2 Throttle Body
OEM Carbon Fiber Hood
HFP Lip Kit

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I am, very soon.

I also have an itch to lower it all the sudden.. more than usual!
i'm scurred of scraping. & i dont have money for coils, so i'd go sportlines for now, so i'm also concerned about rubbing - my bridgestones seem much beefier than the stock wheels.

if you keep the plates i have
nice ROP FA5! go noles!!!

Updated! Lowered her today on Sportlines.
haha thanks you dirty, slimy bastuhd!


& yeah, they're Ekora's springs.
oh, on the way back I filled up at the Chevron right by Starlight. I saw Goldberg. Swear to God!

I'm really interested in the wing if you still have it in a few weeks. I'm just low on cash at the momento.
Wooo, thanks, Kimmer. & thanks for lifting up the caution tape for me.

Heidi looked dull next to Clifford, though.
Getting a AEM CAI at the end of August.

yeah thats why I got a SRI. But I'm gonna make a bypass, and get a shield. Should be fine.
I was just about to sell my sportlines and keep the HFP on my car, but after seeing yours, the sportlines is going on lol
1 - 15 of 33 Posts
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