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I have a problem with mi civic si 2008 coupe, the VSA, /!/ light and chech engine light turned on. Also my car went to the limp mode around 3200rpm.
I read the codes and have P2647, i have found a lot of info and i went to the conclution that i have to replace de spool valve solenoid.

Looking for it on ebay i found the oem spool valve 15810 PRB A03 but the price what about 180 bucks, also i found a OEM 15810 RAA A03 for 80 bucks, i am comfused about the compability, in some place the people says that RAA fits on civic si 2006-2011 and another places they say that fits only civic si 2001-2005.

Does anybody here know if the RAA fits on civic si 2008 coupe?

Yes, there are compatible, just a connector is a liitle hard to connect but i have no problem with the part.
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