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Hello, i am glad to be a part of the "8th generation" civic family. I am very happy with the new 2007 civic i just got 2 weaks ago. It's probably the greatest small car on the road at the moment.

here is a picture of it for you, you ve allready saw it anyways. It's a DX-G model and for the moment, the thing i wish to upgrade is the audio part of the vehicule. You might say the first thing would be to put some nice mags but i like my car with the caps, makes it more "low profile". But we never know what could happen.

And of course, i am very happy with the air conditionning, i don't regret the 2000$ extra money for that :)


I can say i speak french and write french so i might have some difficulties with my past tence. Well See you !

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