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Intalling cruise control in a LX sedan

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Hi All

Great forum.

Here in Brazil the new civic has been released for only a month now and you have provided lots of good information
on this new model.

I just got my new civic sedan.
Here we have 3 versions:

LxS - manual trans
LXS - auto trans
EXS - auto trans with cruise control (paddle shift and other goodies)

Mine is the LXS Manual and I realy miss the cruise control I had in the previous car (it is not an option for this model).

I wonder if someone has installed cruise control on a Manual LX.

What led me to think that it could be easy is the fact that in my previous car (also drive by wire)
it was justa a matter of installing the cruise control buttons (the wire harness was already in place)
and have the ECU flashed by the Dealer.

In the case of the civic, now it is drive by wire and I searched the pages at Collegehills Honda and observed that the
cruise control module present in the 2005 and older models has disapeared for the 2006.

So my hope is that they left the software in place and all that would be necessary is to connect the buttons to the ECU.

So any info would much appreciated.

If anybody has the pinout description of the ECU connectors... (where the Cruise butons are connected...)

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Bicudo2 said:
Yes, I´m not willing to mess with an aftermarket cruise control because of the DBW systems.
I´m pretty sure now that the ecu controls the cruise.
So i´ll try to find which pin on the ecu connects to the steering wheel cruise buttons, and make some tests to see if the software is there. Otherwise I might just give up.

Btw, the paddle shifters are a very nice feat..
Ugh, I want that covered front storage pocket!!!
CameronJr9 said:
They're about $90 + duties and shipping...
I know...from Canada....but i don't want it at that price. lol
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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