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Heres what im looking for:
Cold air or Short ram intake 07 civic LX (1.8L) (new or used)
9011 HIRs (new or used)
Klight or Comparable HID kit, want new but if price is right will take USED (9006, 4300k-6500k only!)
Blue interior LED lights for under dash!
Si Exhaust (stainless model)
l5 or l7 kicker solobaric subwoofer, 12" (with or without box, obviously want used, can get one for 75 bux, make a better offer)

Tradable items:
Insignia cd/mp3/wma/sd/usb 22x4RMS deck, flip down face plate
G&S Design Redline Performance Subwoofer 12" (the kind promoted by MC hammer!!!)
Stock 10" subwoofer
60ft of 14gauge speaker cable
some short pieces of 4 gauge cable
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