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Installing Steering wheel audio controls

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Has anyone done this, is it even possible?
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is it the same scenario with civic australia model ?
someone from canada (CSX) may be can help ?
CivicCoupe06 said:
You have the same steering wheel right?
yeah, 100% same.
but my HU is only single disc. is USDM civic (LX ??? - without audio control ones..) HU also single disc ? or 6 in-dash disc HU ?
because in australia, VTI(basic-no audio control) only get single disc HU.
but VTI-L(one level up), get 6-indash HU with audio control.
is the HU between them same, can accomodate the audio control ?


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CivicCoupe06 said:
I have the single disc. I am pretty sure it will work for you.
I gonna try it, biggest project since installed engine start button.:eek:hnoes:
thanks civicCoupe06 !!!:vtec:
CivicCoupe06 said:
no probelm man. I got Honda to do mine. I printed the instructions from tis thread with the photos, it took 4 hours, but he did a damn good job.
lucky u.not in here.they don't want do what "called" modification.honda dealer in here only do "dealer" way :laughing:
at the end still have to go to electrician.better DIY :biggrin:
RBP LX said:
OK I have an update on this. I have been doing a lot of searching and reading and thanks to dpnvektor who has a link to electrical diagrams in the automatic climate control thread I think I have an answer. To complete the steering wheel audio control mod you need to purchase the control assembly 36770-SNA-A11 (2006) or 36770-SNA-A12 (2007).
any different guys with 36770-SVA-A41 (2007) 4Dr SI MT ?
why more expensive ? and then, MT can use cruise ?
still little bit in doubt.
at the steering wheel connector (NO 3) socket, when that socket meets with audio control button's socket, at button socket's there is no pin/cable at that hole.
so what for we run extra NO 3 cable ?

also same thing with NO 11 - 20 , at steering wheel socket says none, but if we see at button socket, there are 2 cable/pin for meet with NO 19 -20 steering wheel socket (i know these ones not related for installing audio button).so what for this cables honda put?

anyone can explain ?thanks
note i haven't open the steering wheel yet.so i don't know how it looks like.
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kelrog said:
From my previous post.
"did anyone else notice the numbering on the stereo harness? It already had pin out #'s, but the picture of the pinout in this project had a different sequence. I just followed what I saw on the DIY, and it worked, so don't use the numbering on that connector to determine the wire placing, just use the pictures in this thread. "

once you get everything opened up it will make more sense.
so i just follow whatever in this threat (page 1 and 3).
doesn't bother me about anything else ?
so in this case, still i run extra cables from 3 and 4 or i should run from number 1 and 2 ?
at left pic, button socket, pin 1 and 2 are from audio button, and hole 3 no pin, pin 4 - 8 from cruise button, hole 9-10 no pins

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kelrog said:
its cause hes trying to use the exact numbering thats on the harnesses. They don't really correspond on the stereo harness. We may need to make a change the original diagram.
i see - i see.means thats numbering on this diagram (page 1) -no 3 and 4 -need to changed according to our own harness socket. it's not fixed.
lets talk my case, means need run the cable from No 1 and 2 (which will connect with audio pin from button socket), right ?
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