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Installing Steering wheel audio controls

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Has anyone done this, is it even possible?
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I just ordered the controls 71$. Are you positive this works?>
Can you show me how to do the wire harness? and what wires to move from where?
Ok. I found a solution to your dash piece. The one with the broken clips. If it is bothering, Honda sells it for 10.50$ new.
those instructions arent really clear. you use your old cruise control as aguide, however, how the hell you get the red connectors and the end points of the harness.
call me a noob, But I check 6 stores today and no one has the stuff for me to make that harness!!!!!!!!
Oh I got the wires. But can't find those red connectors anywhere.
Yea, I have yet to do this. Controls are just sitting on my desk. soo scared to screw something up.

I finally got it done. Had Honda do it because of the warranty. Now they replace it if anything happens. !!!

I have a 06 LX couple
I have the single disc. I am pretty sure it will work for you.
no probelm man. I got Honda to do mine. I printed the instructions from tis thread with the photos, it took 4 hours, but he did a damn good job.
I didn't need that. Come to Philadelphia I can get it done for you!.
1 - 15 of 402 Posts
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