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Installed skunk2 alpha headers

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I installed skunk2 alpha headers and everytime I drive I hear a grinding noise. I have my rear mount upgraded to the 70a. I check and it's not hitting anything. What can it be?
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is it a grinding or a hissing sound? The s2 alpha headers are notorious for hissing (leaking) at where it connects to the exhaust. I believe it’s from the crappy donut gasket that’s supplied with it
It's doing both. I didn't use the skunk2 donut I used one from an ep3
That’s kind of odd then, I can’t really imagine an exhaust or header causing a grinding noise. I suppose just take a closer look at the whole exhaust system and retighten some stuff here and there. Hissing is always a sign of a leak anyways
Was I supposed to completely take off the shaft half cover? Cause I put that back on
Following, doing mine soon. I bought a used Alpha header last year and finally got the full race exhaust to pair it with. Is there any extra hardware I'm gonna have to get since I got my alpha used with no hardware?
O2 extension, the hanger, new donut gasket and exhaust manifold gasket
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1 - 4 of 9 Posts