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info about civics, weight , mpg all that stuff

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since some saw those specs, anyone know what the 0-60 on the si was?
im hearings its in the low 7's?!?!
2fast4u2 said:
Car and driver wrote and I quote: "Mated with a new six speed manual transmission (the shifter has migrated back down from the dashboard), it delivers enough punch, Honda tells us, to hustle the coupe to 60 mph in 7.3 seconds."
Umm 7.3 is slow?
rsx-s is way faster... wtf up with that
2fast4u2 said:
I'm sure those numbers are conservative. :)
i bet!! so what u guess???
hmm 6.6 sec or so?!!?
im getting a si for sure.
prolly wit nav if the sound system is good enough stock...
if not- ill throw some subs in and get a tv/nav system...
yoshizuki said:
No Compact 5-Speed Automatic on the Si... I'm so sad If I have to settle for a EX instead T_T

I can't drive manual transmission -_-;...
only 1 way to learn!!
doesnt take long to learn
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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