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For the past two years, Infiniti has been growing its presence in Pebble Beach. The week-long auto extravaganza in August plays host to a number of automaker events, but recently, Infiniti has been taking center stage. For 2010, Nissan's premium channel isn't letting up, bringing two M-based models to the party in Pebble, both of which are slated for production.

We don't have specifics on either model, but in addition to the image above, our sources within Infiniti tell us that the new coupe variants will be extensions of its current lineup, lending credence to recent rumors of an M coupe.

More interestingly, we've been told that both models will "extend Infiniti into an area we haven't been before" and that one of those models will be more "performance oriented." If that means we can expect some kind of powertrain similar to the Essence Concept that debuted at the Geneva Motor Show last year – a twin-turbo, direct injected V6 putting out over 450 horsepower – consider our interest incredibly piqued.

Both models are set to go on sale in October or November of this year, with the M35 Hybrid arriving sometime toward the end of 2011.

Mmmm an M56S coupe to compete with the S5, E Class Coupe, and the BMW 650i? Nice.

I don't give a **** about the hybrid as much but they're set to unveil that too.

Some rendered speculation of the coupe:

The Infiniti Essense concept car that the M borrows styling cues from:

Most notably the curves along the side and bolder grill.

If the M coupe borrows a healthy amount of styling cues from the Essence concept, that thing would look AWESOME.
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