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Infinite0216 - The Silver Bullet (Slow Build) w/Videos

2007 Honda Civic Si FG2​
Alabaster Silver Metallic

Engine/Performance Mods :
-K&N Short Ram Intake (Removed/Pending Sale)
-Custom Intake
-Skunk2 60mm Catback Exhaust (Removed/Sold)
-GReddy Evo2 Catback Exhaust
-Buddy Club Racing Spec Condenser (Removed/Sold)
-TWM Performance Short Shifter Adapter

Wheel/Suspension Mods :
-DC5 Rims (Powdercoated)
-Custom "H" Centercaps
-Skunk2 Lowering Springs
-SPC Rear Camber Kit

Exterior Mods :
-Blue Xenon 6000k HIDs
-OEM Fog Lights w/ Yellow Overlays
-PasswordJDM Sidemarkers
-20% Tint Driver/Passenger (Removed)
-Custom License Plate Relocation (Removed)
-Lund In-Channel Eclipse Window Visor (Removed/Sold)
-White LED Rear License Plate Light
-StrutKing License Plate Relocator
-Skunk2 Reservoir Cover
-HFP Front Underbody Spoiler

Interior Mods :
-Red Driver/Passenger Footwell Lights
-Red Map Lights (Removed)
-Power Acoustik A3000DB 3000W Amp (Removed/Sold)
-Power Acoustik Power Capacitor (Removed/Sold)
-Niche 15" Competition Subwoofer (Removed/Sold)
-Skunk2 Weighted Shift Knob
-Magellan Maestro 3220 GPS
-White LED Map/Dome Lights
-Leather Shift Boot with Red Stitching

Misc Mods :
-Team Sambos Decal (Rear Window)
-Silver GReddy Decal (Driver Back Window)
-8thCivic Decal (Passenger Back Window)


The First Day - February 4, 2007

K&N Short Ram Intake - March 30, 2007

Sound System - April 18, 2007

HIDs & Fog Lights - July 22, 2007

Skunk2 Exhaust - September 7, 2007

Skunk2 Shift Knob - December 25, 2007

PasswordJDM Sidemarkers - December 27, 2007

GReddy Evo2 Exhaust - January 2, 2008

DC5 Rims - March 10, 2008

Skunk2 Lowering Springs/SPC Rear Camber Kit - April 25, 2008

Custom Intake - July 3, 2008

Powdercoated Rims & Custom Centercaps - July 29, 2008

Lund Window Visor - October 24, 2008

StrutKing License Plate Relocator - October 27, 2008

-Picture coming soon.

White LED Rear License Plate Light - October 29, 2008

-Picture coming soon

Buddy Club Racing Spec Condenser - November 17, 2008

Skunk2 Reservoir Cover - November 22, 2008

-Picture coming soon

TWM Performance Short Shifter Adapter - January 2, 2009

-Picture coming soon

HFP Front Underbody Spoiler - July 8, 2009

-Picture coming soon

Leather Shift Boot with Red Stitching - July 18, 2009

-Picture coming soon

Red Driver/Passenger Footwell Lights

Red Map Lights

Magellan Maestro 3220 GPS

8thCivic Decal

GReddy Decal

YouTube - Skunk2 Exhaust Fly By
YouTube - Skunk2 Exhaust Takeoff
YouTube - GReddy Evo 2 (Start up, Idle, Rev)



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Nice ride! lol @ Yoshi!

nice ride. Car looks good. Nice write up with how organized it was :thumb:


JDM Soshinoya = the most pointless "fad" ever. Just my 2 cents
Yeah, I just don't want to take it off.. it means absolutely nothing to me. I just think it looks cool over anything else. But thanks for everything else.

nice. i like the mods youve dont to the car so far. and where you get t hat yohshi. i want one too:dance:
Thanks a lot.
Cartoon Field :thumb:

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gj on the mods.
Looks good, great job...:thumb;
Good work. Nice pics, too.
nice work! i got mine from riverside honda too hah
great looking ride so far..those rear wheels are tucked
got mine from riverside to ftl. nice write up.
HOT ride !

i want that evo cat back sooo bad !

oh do you really drive with yoshi hanging over there ?! LOL .
Thanks everyone!
The picture with the wheels being tucked in was before the alignment.
I don't like Riverside Honda's customer service.
And yes, I do drive with the Yoshi hanging in the back, lol.

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summer just started and got bored to take videos of the evo2?
did you clean up the k&n filter?
I made the video when I first installed the Evo2.
Naw man, I've been lazy. I'm either gonna order the Apexi one or go buy the cleaner for mine. I don't really wanna reinstall the dented filter.
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